Trade-Up Program/eBay Store

We have all been in the position of wanting to upgrade our gear but simply can’t justify it because we have a closet full of older stuff that “works.” Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get rid of that older fly rod in your closet and turn it into a new one? With that in mind, we have developed a way for you to turn old gear into new with the 3RA Upgrade Program. Here’s is how it works. Fill out the Upgrade program contract, then drop off or send us your old fly fishing equipment and we’ll sell it for you on our eBay store. Once your item sells, we will deduct the PayPal, eBay and shipping fees that were incurred and the remainder will be issued to you as store credit. Store credit can be used at our store in Knoxville or at our online web store to purchase new gear.

Why let us sell your items on eBay when you can sell them yourself? Our staff has perfected selling items on eBay by using great photos, accurate descriptions and leveraging an online reputation that is unprecedented. Also, the fees that we are charged by eBay and PayPal are typically much lower than most, allowing you to get more bang for your buck. You won’t be disappointed. Call us at 865.200.5271 or send us an email for questions or more information.

Program Details

All 3RA Upgrade items must be accompanied with a completed and signed 3RA Upgrade Program Contract.

Any money we receive for your gear will be available for credit only at 3 Rivers Angler either in the store or via our web store at products. Under no circumstances will the gear we sell for you be available for cash or check.

Your final credit amount will be determined by the final eBay sales price minus eBay, PayPal and shipping fees. Final credit amount and fees charged will be available for your review upon completion of the sale.

Under no circumstances can auctions be ended early. All auctions will last 7-days and once the listing is posted, only adjustments to item descriptions may be made.

All auctions are no reserve starting at one dollar. Reserve price auctions incur more fees than auctions without them and also, in our experience, one dollar auctions with no reserve typically sell for higher amounts.

We cannot and will not guarantee your item will sell for a certain amount. There is no way for us to determine this. We will do our absolute best to get the most money for your item.

All unsold gear will be returned to you. If applicable, you are responsible for all shipping charges on unsold gear.