How To Read The Generation Schedule

Reading the TVA Generation Schedule can be daunting, and the generation schedule differs from one tailwater to the next. 

Generally speaking, you want to wade when there is 0 generation. At 1 or 2 generators, the water is too high to safely wade. 

It generally takes the water a few hours to reach different places on the river. For Miller’s Island, you have about an hour, and down at the Highway 61 Bridge, it takes about 4 hours to get down. For example, if the generation starts at 10, then you could fish down at the Church until about 2:30.

Conversely, it takes different amounts of time for water to “fall out” after a period of high generation. You can study those times with the chart below:


Where To Wade

Miller’s Island is one of the most easily accessible and beginner-friendly spots on the Clinch. Located just over 30 minutes from the shop, it’s a pretty easy place to go fish before or after work, or on a peaceful summer morning. 

The Second Baptist Church of Clinton is another popular spot that’s easy to wade around in and gives you a lot of opportunities to wade well after generation begins.


Where To Float

The best public ramps are at Miller’s Island, Peach Orchard, and the Highway 61 Bridge. Miller’s to Highway 61 Bridge with one generator is an all-day float, taking around 6-8 hours depending on how you anchor up. With Peach Orchard splitting those two points, you could have a float from Miller’s that would take around 4-5 hours, and from Peach Orchard to the bridge takes around 3 hours, making it a great kayak or canoe float on long summer evenings. 


Fishing The Clinch During High Water In A Boat