The only hiccup in this weekend’s fishing forecast is the weather. Friday’s forecast is calling for high winds and scattered showers. Saturday’s is only moderately better. It doesn’t look like we are due for a great deal of precipitation (about half an inch on Friday) so it’s just the wind you’ll have to contend with. Sunday, as you all know, is Mother’s Day, and the weather looks grand. If you can, maybe try and talk dear old mom (or your better half) into heading to the river to celebrate. If she’s lucky, she might hang a whopper like Mike Overholt did with the assistance of Guide Jeff Keith last weekend!

The rain in the forecast is somewhat welcomed news as we are well behind where we should be this time of year. Most if not all the area reservoirs are about ten feet below their summer levels and that means low flows on all the area tailwaters. The Holston is getting reliable hatches of both caddis and sulfurs on any given day but more so on the sunny days and the hatches are mostly coming off in the latter part of the day from about 4pm until dark. Likewise, the Clinch is seeing sulfurs popping on any given day, but it could really benefit from a good drink of water. TVA’s new mandate pulsing the river ever twelve hours isn’t doing the fish or the aquatic insects any good. It also makes the fishing considerably tougher.

The mountains are in great shape even if the water levels are averaging a little below normal. Trout are active and feeding throughout the day and your standard dry-dropper rig should work great. If you see a break in the weather, get out there and get after!