March is certainly being her normal fickle self today. Temperatures have taken a sudden and dramatic dip after a relatively long period of some pretty spectacular Spring days here in East Tennessee. That’s not unexpected in the last week of March and that’s the bad news in today’s fishing forecast as it means things are going to slow down a bit in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as the water temperatures take a dip down below that magic fifty-degree mark. The good news is Spring is finally here and fishing is picking up just about everywhere you look.

While water temps in the park are going to dip until the weather flips back next week the water levels are near normal throughout the park and that should hold for the foreseeable future. As water temperatures creep back up next week fishing should improve. The other great news is that TVA is beginning to slow down on generations schedules on our area tailwaters. Cherokee Dam is predicted to be off for both Saturday and Sunday and Norris is dropping back to around 1700 cfs over the weekend. While it’s impossible to say exactly what schedule TVA is going to dial up on Norris, there’s a good chance that there will be some wadable and floatable flows on the Clinch over the weekend.

The 2022 Fly Fishing Film Tour is happening tonight at the Relix Theatre down in Happy Holler. It’s a great way to kick off the fishing season. If you aren’t fully immersed in the Big Ears experience, come on down and enjoy the show. Doors open at 6 and the show starts at 7pm!