The weekend outlook, fishing wise, isn’t fantastic but it isn’t dire either. These warm temps have most of us fired up to get out there and get after it in one capacity or another. Both Saturday’s and Sunday’s forecast looks good enough from a weather perspective, but from a fishing perspective we all may have to get a little creative.

All the area’s tailwaters are flush with excess capacity and TVA is running them full bore around the clock to get the reservoirs back in check. That’s unlikely to change in the immediate future so your best bet is to get busy looking for alternate locales to wet a line. Unfortunately, the GSMNP is still flush with water as well. With more rain forecast today and tonight, the park may not get back in shape in time for the weekend so Knoxville

I was walking Brownlow this morning on the greenway along one of the creeks that drains into Fort Loudon Lake. We of course had to stop and look. The warm weather has the carp up on the flats in pre-spawn mode. They all had their noses down in the creek bed digging for food. If you haven’t given these Tennessee bonefish a shot yet, this would be a great weekend to do so. They aren’t particularly finicky, a small wooly bugger will usually do, it’s more about the presentation and being aware of when the fish sucks the fly into its mouth to give the fly a chew.

I’m supposed to help Brent go out and run his boat on Sunday. He somehow managed to locate a 25hp jet outboard which he’s now got strapped to his Towee. It will require some tweaking of the jack plate to get the boat running optimally. Word on the street is the white bass are stacked up in their usual spots around the forks of the river where the Holston and French Broad come together just east of downtown. I figure that might be a pretty good spot to put the Towee through its paces and maybe catch a fish or two.