If you’ve been fly fishing long enough you have undoubtedly broken a rod (or two or three…). Whether it was that monster fish, a clouser’s lead eyes, a snag, a truck tailgate or the worst of them all, the spinning wheel of death: the ceiling fan, a broken rod can sure be a pain. But it wasn’t the broken rod that was the headache. It is the countless weeks or sometimes months that we wait to get our rods back, that plagued us as anglers. Orvis is ahead of the curve in fixing this problem. 

In addition to their 25-year guarantee, new Orvis rod models (H3, Mission, Recon, or Clearwater) have reached unprecedented quality control and enhanced manufacturing tolerances. Break one of these rods in the first three sections and you no longer have to ship off your rod and stare at the calendar. Simply hop on their site and order a new section. You’ll be back on the water with that rod in 5 business days (the 2-day shipping doesn’t hurt either). Upgraded quality control eliminates the need to have each rod fitted for new sections, each new piece will fit as good as the last one.