Folks, fall river patterns are here. As our friends at the TVA begin to draw down the lakes to their winter pool, we can expect to see consistently higher flows around the clock for the next little bit. That being said, the fishing on the Clinch via boat on the higher flows has been heating up. I have had several good afternoons in the past 2 weeks.Try running a combination of some heavier nymphs and small split shot can help to get those rigs down to the fish. Like it or not, fishing an egg this time of year can be very effective. Streamers will get the trick done too, just make sure you’ve got a full sink fly line to get them down.

Freestone streams continue to produce for the wading anglers. October Caddis are being spotted with more frequency and the water levels have been consistently favorable. If the dry fly bite is not working out, fish a double nymph rig in the deeper holes. A larger stonefly nymph paired with a Copper John or Rubber-leg Pheasant Tail will put a bend in your rod all day long. 

Bass are schooling bait on the lakes and it has been a blast to get in on the early morning feeding frenzy. Look for back coves and points on the lake where you see disturbances on the surface, and bomb a baitfish pattern in there. Strip and hold on! A floating line and a 5-7wt is all you need.

Carp fishing on the lake is still good. Find the mud flats and you’ll find fish. They are eating up right now, so take advantage of the cool weather carpin’ and get a few more before the end of the season.