I believe it is safe to say that at no time in the last ten years of writing a fishing forecast have we had a better forecast as we do in the following week or two. As I type, millions of Brood X cicada are busy calling to their neighbors both far and wide. The last week of dry, hot weather has them popping out of the ground and clambering for the nearest treetop to get a jump on the next 17 years. If this were not enough, their emergence coincides with the first Spring in five years where we have experienced low, or minimal flows, on all our tailwaters fisheries. As I type, not only are millions of cicadas doing their thing but there are happy trout sipping sulfurs and caddis on the Holston and Clinch rivers. Those same trout will likely be hammering cicada in the next few days. Add to that the fact that the smallmouth are just coming off their beds. In other words, the post-spawn bite is going to coincide with the emergence of Brood X. Are you kidding me?

Here is the skinny; cicadas have been popping all over East Tennessee. In some areas, particularly lower lying lakes, the fish have found them and begun to key in on the surface. In other areas they are just beginning to come out in numbers, and it will take a few days for enough of them to plop on the water to get the fish going. I went for a trail run this morning at a park that borders water not too far from the shop. I had cicada dropping from the trees onto me as I ran. Yesterday, as I ran up stream in the jet boat the noise from the engine was eclipsed by the singing coming from the riverbank.

This is not a drill folks. This is the real deal and what you have been waiting on for seventeen years. This will be the best fishing you have ever experienced in your life. This will be the most fun you have ever had fishing in your life.  I am not going to hotspot where the bugs are, you have got to do a little leg work for yourself but suffice it to say if you have got a spot you love to fish, they will be there sometime very soon. If you have not played the Covid card yet at work, I strongly suggest you go ahead and do so.