April showers bring May flowers, but they do not help much with our already swollen reservoirs. Rain is forecast today, and we have already received a little dose. A more developed line of storms is predicted to come across the Valley this evening about the time Alec, my youngest, is set to take the field against Farragut in his lacrosse game. Frankly, between swollen rivers and postponed lacrosse matches, I am about fed up with the April (and March) showers and would be more than willing to forgo the May flowers for some lower flows, caddis hatches and spinner falls.

That said, the mountains are in relatively good shape today with most streams flowing slightly higher than normal. The forecast for the weekend is less than stellar, however, with rain and thunderstorms predicted on Saturday. Your best fishing options will be Friday and potentially Sunday depending on how much rain ends up dropping on the Park. Fishing has been pretty good when flows have allowed. Water temperatures are nearly perfect, and most anglers are reporting some decent dry fly action with both Little Brown Stoneflies and Red Quills showing up during the day. That trend should continue into next week as waters subside and the temperatures increase.

Most if not all the reservoirs in the area are swollen and well above the elevation TVA would like to have them at this time of year. Cherokee, Douglas, and Norris Dams are all sluicing and will likely continue to do so for at least the next week or so. Hopefully, the big Spring rains will hold off and we can get back to wading and floating on our tailwaters. I’m know I am more than ready to be out on the water enjoying the sunshine!