A buddy of mine called yesterday just to check in and see how I was doing. He was headed up to the Clinch to give it a go and see what the highwater might hold. We got to talking about this and that but mostly fishing and I think I said something to the effect that I’ve had some really great days on the water here lately with some really lousy fishing. The weather, foliage, and friendship have been truly first rate. The fishing? Pretty hit or miss. Unfortunately, that trend seems poised to hold for the next few days though there is some promise in the weekend forecast both weather and water wise. Incidentally, checking in on your friends and family is a something we should all be doing more of these days as we attempt to weather the last of this truly horrible pandemic.

The cooler nighttime temperatures we have had here lately have dropped the water temps on most if not all the freestones in the area to sub-fifty degrees. Those lower temps have slowed the bite in the Park. That is the bad news. The good news is that the weather forecast for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is calling for daytime highs in the mid to upper sixties. That should get the trout active again give all of us a better chance of some better fishing. I would not rush up there early in the morning though, the bite should improve throughout the day as the water temps warm. As always, this time of year, the lower elevations should prove more fruitful than the upper.

The lowland tailwaters look to be a little tougher with respects to wading opportunities through the weekend. Most of TVA’s reservoirs are just slightly fuller than they would like and this fact, in conjunction with the colder temperatures’ means TVA is utilizing that water to keep the Valley’s homes warm. If you look at TVA’s data on Norris, however, you will note that predicted flows are dropping back to 4000cfs starting Friday. While it is next to impossible to predict what that will actually look like with respects to hourly generation on Friday (much less Saturday), it does foretell better fishing conditions whether you are fishing from a boat or potentially wading. Give somebody a call today or tomorrow. Make plans to get out there and enjoy this beautiful piece of the world we live in and remember, wherever you go, be safe and have fun!