From brookies to smallmouth to tailwater trout, there’s a lot of opportunities to get out and find some good fishing here in the next month. Plus, the weather and Fall colors are only getting better.

The Clinch is starting to get to the right lake levels. We’ll see what this means for wading and floating, but it will certainly benefit anglers over the current drawdown pattern. Fishing continues to be pretty tough when the water is off, but the fish have been feeding aggressively on 1 generator flows.

Temps continue to be too warm for trout on the Holston, though we’ve been getting good flows. As the reservoirs flip and we get into some cooler nights, we’ll be eagerly anticipating better conditions.

For both the Holston and the French Broad, when we have low flows, the smallmouth fishing continues to be productive. While the sparse white flies of the early Fall become less effective, larger baitfish streamers are enticing the larger fish that are looking to put on their feed sacks for winter, and topwater poppers are still working in the mornings.

The mountain fishing has been fantastic if you can get a little off the beaten path.

That has been the trend during this unusual year. Fishing pressure and people just screwing around in the creeks have made the lower elevations harder to fish. But if you get up into some areas that are hard to get to, the fishing can be very rewarding. Just yesterday, we did very well catching brooks on size 10 October caddis and a BHPT dropper. If they’re looking for something smaller, a size 14 tan caddis will work very well.