Fishing season is here in Knoxville and the surrounding region. This is the time to be on the mountain streams, and the tailwaters are giving us lots of good wading opportunities. We’re also getting into topwater season for bass and bluegill, which can offer great fishing anywhere you go.

In the mountains, we’re fully in the season of stimulators, yellow sallies, and other yellow dry flies with a dropper. A greenie weenie is a pretty popular choice, but soft hackles and standard bead head nymphs are pretty effective as well.

The Clinch has been giving some good wading windows in the morning, and the action has been fantastic out of the drift boats when we get a good 1 gen flow. Nothing too special in the way of flies. Split case nymphs, pheasant tails, and then a midge under will do the trick. We’re hearing about some sporadic dry fly action as well. Sulphurs weren’t very prolific, but a small yellow dry fly has still produced some nice fish on top, as well as small midge dries. 

The Holston has also had some good flows. You can catch fish on small streamers like a wooly bugger, or use a size 16 nymph, or see if you can get one on top with a smaller parachute adams. As we get through this month, we’ll also see better smallmouth activity, so be prepared to switch gears on the Holston if floating.

Other warmwater rivers seem to be hit or miss. It appears that we’re on the cusp of the normal summer topwater action, but for now be prepared to throw baitfish and crayfish patterns with an intermediate line. Things will turn any time now, so keep your box filled with poppers and stealth bombers. `

It’s definitely fishing season, and now is the time to strike while the iron is hot. And don’t forget that Father’s Day is around the corner. We have lots of great new packs, rods, reels, and we have lots of availability for guide trips on the Clinch and the National Park.