Well, here we are. We’re not completely out of the woods, of course, but we’re excited to safely move into something that resembles a fishy summer here in East Tennessee. We appreciate all the support that we got from our loyal customers. Even when there were limited fishing opportunities, our customers bought hats, tying materials, and whatever else to support us, and we’ll always be thankful for that.

Lucky for you and us, there’s plenty of fishing to be had as we enter June. The Park water is perfect right now for dry fly action. Take yellow sallies, Royal Wulffs, and other high floating attractor patterns. It’s not a bad time to have a “dry or die” kinda day in the mountains, but adding a 12” length of tippet with a soft hackle nymph or a greenie weenie will increase your catch rate.

The Clinch has been giving some wading opportunities in the morning during the week, but it looks like we’ll have a Rec schedule this weekend, giving some longer wading windows and a more predictable floating schedule for folks with a boat. There are sporadic hatches but nothing that you can quite key in on consistently, so your standard mix of 16 and 18 pheasant tails, worm patterns, and midges will get the job done.

The Holston is starting to back off a little. There’s not a significant amount of rain in the forecast, so we’re hoping for some wading windows as they get the levels down. Regardless, there will likely be some really good smallmouth flows for the lower end. This time of year is great for anglers with a kayak, canoe, or john boat to fish for smallmouth on the lower end close to Knoxville.

Either direction you go, you’re likely to find fish that are eating. We hope you all stay safe, healthy, and find good fortune. Summer is here!