We hope that everyone is doing well given the circumstances and hopefully preparing for a beautiful weekend.

Many of our local customers have been asking if we plan to open our doors to the general public today in keeping with the “Phase 1” plan for reopening the Tennessee economy. While we could not be more excited about the prospects of “getting back to normal”, we also want to be pragmatic about how to implement this transition.

While we have missed seeing your faces and hearing about your fishing exploits we can’t simply go back to normal quite yet. To that end, we have elected to move forward with the following policy during the “Phase 1” period of reopening starting on Friday, May 1st:

Phase 1 Reopening (May 1-31)

  • Shopping Limited to 4 Customers in the shop at a time (Starting Friday, May 1st):
    In an effort to properly staff and provide good customer service, we request that only 4 customers come into the shop at one time. As much as we would like to hang out and tell fishing stories for the bulk of the day with everyone, the reality is we need to get customers in and out of the store in as efficient a manner as possible. Do not be alarmed if we must ask you to step outside for a few moments while we take care of the customers already in the shop.
  • Continuation of Curbside Service:
    Simply give us a call at 865-200-5271 or shoot as an email at info@3riversangler.com and one of our personal shoppers will assist you by phone or mail and deliver to your vehicle out front.
  • Shop Online: We have been working hard at updating our new website and we appreciate your patience. Please, if you do not see something online don’t hesitate to call us. Please shop us online at www.3riversangler.com
  • Store & Office Hours:
    • Monday – Friday (11:00AM – 6:00PM)
    • Saturday – (9:00AM to 4:00PM)
    • Sunday – (Closed)

Meantime, thank you to all the wonderful customers and friends who have supported us during this unprecedented time. We have all been overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for the well wishes as well as the business over the last few months. PLEASE KEEP IT UP! We also look forward to coming out the other side of this insane interruption smarter, stronger and better prepared to provide the best (and safe) fly shop experience imaginable.

Allen Gillespie and the whole 3 Rivers Angler Team