We’re back to rain here in the East Tennessee Valley. Though we saw some small windows on the Holston this last weekend, we didn’t get them on the Clinch as we hoped for. The mountain waters are warming to spring temps (54 F, as I write this report), and we have more, more or less, warm weather on the way. The water is likely to rise pretty high in the mountains over the next few days, though may fall out a bit by Sunday if we get less rain than predicted.

Though we’re getting a lot of rain over the next couple weeks, time will tell if the rain stops and if they’ll be able to run out the water for late spring and early summer.

One thing that has benefitted from the weather lately is the carp fishing and the perpetuation of good streamer conditions when the water is running between 5 and 8K. The carp, due to the low water and increase in water temps, have been moving into the shallows and feeding. One of the guys here at the shop has already hooked into some good ones by focusing on creek mouths feeding into the lake. 

For streamers, the usual suspects will get it done. Yellow, olive, white, black, and even purple will work if you can focus on the good water and throw a sinking line to get down. 

For the mountains, this is where Euro-nymphing becomes quite advantageous as the water gets high and a little stained, which is what we’re likely to have when this deluge leaves us. Don’t forget to check the gauges on the North Carolina side, which will sometimes avoid a lot of the water that comes from the Tennessee side. Take something really big and buggy, like a girdle bug, and drop a smaller nymph under it. 

In other news, don’t forget to get your ticket for F3T at the shop! Tickets are only $12 in the shop, or $15 online or at the door. We have new gear and tackle from Orvis, SA, and some new tying materials that Smalls has been ordering, so come check it out when you get your ticket. 

We’re also extending our winter sale for cold weather apparel and American-made reels. It’s temperate right now, but you’re going to want some warm, fishy layers now before the inevitable cold snap that’s coming in late February or March.