Looking at the flows and the levels of mountains streams, there won’t be any fishing today, but we’ll have some by this weekend. Thankfully, we’ll see the confluence of warming water temps and falling levels over the next week as temps and rainfall become fairly stable for the next 10 days. Before we received a holy deluge, we’ve heard a lot of good things about the mountain streams and the DH rivers and streams around East TN, and that’s likely to continue when the water settles back down.

The Smokies are currently at 600 CFS, but they dropped from 1200 yesterday, so the water is running out pretty well. The water temp is a CHILLY 43 degrees, but that will be rising as we get warm ambient air through the holidays. Remember that a rising temp, regardless of where it started, will activate feeding with other cooperating conditions. 

The Clinch dropped down to 1 generator today at 11am and will be turned off until 6pm, which is a welcome change for those with boats who are looking to do some streamer fishing. While the big streamers will work, don’t rule out smaller sparkle minnows or even large wooly buggers, which will still get the big opportunistic fish when nothing is taking the large sculpin patterns.

That’s all there is to report on today. We hope you all have a great Holiday season with your friends and family. Don’t forget to tell them what you want from your favorite fly shop!