As many of you know, there’s been a lot of highwater around here from rain and snow that we received last night. 

I fished up on the Watauga Sunday. The flow was a little higher than what they let on, but the weather was beautiful and the fish were feeding, you just needed to get your nymphs down or fish a fairly aggressive sink tip. We streamer fished and rolled a few big ones on yellow sex dungeons, and nymphed a few small one’s while anchored up. There should be some flows on the Taug’ or the SoHo later this week, so might be worth checking out. 

The mountains are high at the moment and pretty chilly, but just like last week, falling water levels and rising temps will turn the fish back on. There will be a pretty good number of post-spawn browns that are getting ready to feed. Some will take streamers, but large nymphs are also a good way to target them. Otherwise, throw small purple or buggy nymphs. Start with 14s and 16s, and move to 18s if necessary.

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