Photo courtesy of Andrew Kim

We’re seeing lots of good fish pictures coming in the shop, and folks are ready to sneak away to get some fishing done during the warm and mild weather over the next two days. People are also stocking up on tying materials too, for what looks like a pretty wet Saturday.

The Clinch has been fishing well, with lots of upper slot limit fish being brought to the net. We don’t have any realistic wading windows today, but we’ll likely get some after they run some of the water out from last night’s rain. Rainbow warriors, crystal midges, and other bright midges are working again, and pheasant tails as big as a 16 are also producing.

The Holston is showing good temperatures and fishing well when people can get out on it. They’re running around the clock, but TVA had excellent flows earlier this week. After Saturday it looks like we’ll have lots of dry weather, so flows should improve again.

For smallmouth on the tailwaters, we’re still hearing about guys catching them in 5-7 feet of water over darker gravel beds. A slow sinking intermediate line is the best choice for this, and a small sculpin, baitfish, or crayfish pattern slowly worked over the bottom will pick up some fish, especially as the rain warms the water.

The warming water temps will also help the mountain streams. The water is running pretty high, but those will recede and the temps are warming from the rain. This increase in temperature will activate their feeding, so they’ll swing a little further out to get your nymph. Blue wing olives may also be hatching, and we’re still getting hits on orange caddis when using them in our dry/dropper rigs. 

Don’t discount streamers either in the Park. If the water is stained, swing small streamers or dead drift them through riffles. Sparkle minnows are great for this, and work well on the Clinch too. 

Whatever you decide to do with your time off, we hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving. We’ll be closed on Thanksgiving day, and back open for Friday, the 29th!