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At any rate, you’re probably interested in what’s happening on the water.

The Clinch is starting to even out from the sudden downtrend in temperature over the past few weeks. It’s been noticeably slower over the past couple weeks in lieu of that change and the dissolved oxygen issue from the reservoir “flipping”. The fish were less concerned with feeding, and more concerned with stacking up in places that they could get the oxygen levels that they needed. As that has evened out, your standard rotation of red, purple, olive, and cream midges have been able to produce, and good fish are being caught below the weir dam.

The Holston water temperature is perfect, and we’re starting to get flows conducive to wading as the TVA backs off the generation schedule. Pheasant tails in a size 16 or similar nymphs would be a good route to go.

The mountains will be improving through this weekend and into next week. The snow will melt and drop temps, but once the temp starts rising the fish will kick into feeding mode. Deep nymph rigs and streamers will get the job done. A couple of our guides was Euro-nymphing the mountains this weekend and did pretty well. The fish are lethargic, so getting down to them is important. Fishing was significantly better in places where the sun could warm the water a few degrees. It also helps to find a dark color bottom, which warms quicker than a light colored bottom. 

The cold snap has come, but we’ll be back in the upper 50’s by the weekend, so get out and fish!