It is super hot here in the Tennessee Valley. There have been a few low flow windows on the Clinch, like Tuesday morning where the water was off until 10 am. Fishing has been slow or hot depending on who you ask. Some of my more experienced friends are getting humbled, while some novices have gotten into their biggest fish ever. Be looking for to take advantage of these windows, and perhaps you’ll find your personal best while pressure is relatively low.

As with last week, bright midges with some flash seem to be doing pretty well. It’s also worth noting that folks are starting to do well with egg patterns as we head into Fall. Otherwise, large black or olive streamer will work well too when it’s early or late, and lighter yellow or white when it’s bright outside.

The Holston is very warm right now, with temperatures getting into the low 70’s. Fishing has been pretty slow for trout, so it’s more of a smallmouth fishery until the temperatures flip. Fishing streamers, similar to the ones mentioned above, will do the trick on a sinking line to get down a little deeper.

The French Broad is fishing pretty well for smallmouth. The topwater bite is still hit or miss, but there’s a lot of action with streamers, particularly crayfish patterns bounced along the bottom. Chartreuse seems to be doing especially well, so drop a few clousers in your box before heading out.

The mountains have low water and high temperatures around Little River. However, there has been rain falling in nearly every other watershed within the Smokies, so there’s opportunities to fish closer to Gatlinburg or over on the North Carolina side of the mountains. The summer stand-by patterns continue to work, such as yellow caddis, ant patterns and green weenies, but it won’t be long before summer yields to Fall and we start throwing small blue wing olives and grey caddis.

Otherwise, just get out and fish whatever you like fish during the Summer, because there’s not much of it left!