The tailwaters are continuing to flow high as the TVA releases water to lower Norris, Cherokee, and Douglas Reservoirs. The Holston has been running around the clock, but the Clinch will continue to run a Rec Schedule this weekend. Furthermore, the French Broad has been giving up some decent wading opportunities, particularly in the morning, for smallmouth and carp fishing around 7 Islands.

The bass in the French Broad are starting to feed more aggressively as we approach Fall. Topwater or large crayfish patterns fished deep are two good approaches for this time of year. For topwater, pick a popper, slider, or other fly that has rubber legs. Sight cast to resting fish or cast into shady areas, and just let the fly drift naturally without any action. The rubber legs will impart enough liveliness, so leave the fly at a dead drift.

For large cray patterns, use a sinking line to get the fly down fast. The new SA Sonar Lines have three densities, so the end of your line will get down fast, while the running line will stay suspended instead of hanging up in submerged rocks and trees.

The mountains are fishing pretty well too if you can find deep riffles. Fishing a dry dropper is doing great per usual, but nymphing through those deeper riffles will yield fish as well, particularly in the middle of the day.