Flows have been fantastic this week on the Clinch, and it looks like that trend will continue into next week. The Holston and the French Broad have been running big water, but this will set us up for some healthy and eager fish when flows even back out.

Though the opportunity abounds on the Clinch, the fishing has been fairly tough, generally speaking. Flashy midge rigs will work, but swinging small streamers and wet flies through current have seemed to work well too. Though we’re not getting into a ton of fish, we’re generally not catching dinks, so expect a big payoff if heading out.

The mountains are fishing really well right now, with unusually cooler water in the lower elevations. Be cautious as we go into the weekend since temperatures may rise without more rain, but you’ll likely get to fish lower than usual for this time of year. Beetles, yellow dry flies, greenie weenies, and other summer patterns will do the trick.

Warmwater fishing is getting pretty hot on the lakes and in smaller creeks. Smallies are taking topwater bugs and poppers, and olive and yellow streamers are catching fish in the shoals and riffles. The days are still long, so this is THE time to find a small creek close to home, and find an hour or so to fish before or after your workday.

Striper fishing is looking good from what we’re hearing, and willow flies are still hanging around the lakes for small bluegill and bass to take. Hurry and fish for sunnies and bass, because it won’t be long before all the kids go back to school and we’re back to big trout and Fall scenery.