The rain came down hard on Monday, breaking the previous record by a fair margin for that date. As a result, the water was high and muddy around here. While the water is still off color, the generators have run out some of that to help clear things up. Now, we’ve been graced with cooler temperatures and no rain in the forecast for at least the next 6 days.

On the Clinch, the generation schedule is currently prohibiting any reasonable wading opportunity until we have a Rec schedule this weekend.

The Holston is actually off today, but they will likely be running big water Thursday and Friday. Though the water will help cool the river off some, it’s still important to check temps and stop fishing for trout as the water warms up into the day.

Smallie fishing, on the other hand, will only get better as the water temps rise. We suggest evening sessions for the best action. The topwater bite was great this weekend in the small streams, and streamers can be incredibly productive in shoals and riffles.

This saturday, we’ll have several folks out and about looking for carp in this year’s Carp Cup. Carp are great to pursue when it’s hot and other fishing has slowed down, so this time of year is perfect for cruising around and looking for feeding fish.

Willow flies are also hanging around still on Ft. Loudon. This morning I noticed lots of spinners falling out on the lake, and bluegill were rising to them, making for a nice summer treat in an otherwise high and muddy area.

The mountains are nearly impossible to fish right now, but the water is fast receding and will likely be fishable by this weekend.

Whatever you do, and get out and fish somewhere to enjoy this great window of weather.