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Are you suffering from severe cabin fever like the rest of us? Have you tied hundreds of flies over the last few weeks to the point where your vice no longer offers solace from your fishless depression? We have a cure for your woes. Your relief comes in the form of small streams and hungry wild fish eating dry flies in the GSMNP. 

Over this past weekend we were fortunate enough to spend some time fishing some of our most precious local waters. Quill Gordons are beginning to hatch in full force and the wild fish of the park are on the move, eating with reckless abandon. Warm dry weather this week should make things progressively even more magical and this is an opportunity that you need to take. We also talked with several other local anglers that made the trip up to little river over the weekend and all of them had similar stellar reports. You can run a dry-dropper setup right now and absolutely clean up as you work your way up the streams. If fishing a single nymph or dry fly is your game then that will work equally well. resizeimage 3

We are seeing a lot of larger sized fish feeding consistently and the ever elusive brown trout of the park are out in numbers! The pictures above are great Brown trout that Brett and Cassie managed over the weekend along with several other fish this size. These hard fighting colored up fish are sure to give you a run for your money on light tackle. 5x fluorocarbon tippet on short 7.5-9ft. mono leaders is the basis of your rigging, and the fly your choose is up to you! If you are interested in exploring the Smokies and don’t know where to start we are always here to help you with locations and flies to have in the box. Swing by the shop or give us a shout at 865-200-5271. 

Wherever you decide to fish this week, be safe and mindful of others on the water. Spring is finally showing itself in East Tennessee and you should take full advantage of our gorgeous weather!

- Matt