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We finally have had a number of days in a row with little rainfall, a sigh of relief to the weather patterns we have experienced as of late. If we can get the rain to continue to hold back, this should mean the tail water fishing will be normal relatively soon. Everyone make sure you are doing your preventative rain dances at night before bed. While tailwater trout may be still out of the picture, our area provides a plethora of other fishing opportunities, and this may be a good time to broaden your fly fishing horizons. 
Fishing on the Clinch with a streamer during these higher flows has been productive for the boating angler. I have gotten good reports of both large browns and rainbows feeding on streamers. Seeing big fish move on larger flies is a really cool fishing experience that we enjoy quite a bit. This fishing style is different in way of gear and fishing mentality, so if you have any questions about getting out to try it we are happy to spend some time with you to get you trained up. 
The GSMNP has provided a shining light during our high water levels here in the valley. The Smokies are offering up great fishing for those who venture through the many miles of wild trout water that the park provides. It is the season of yellow, and you can fish any fly you want as long as it's yellow. Yellow Sallies, Tellico nymphs, Mr. Rapidans, and Neversink Caddis will serve you well throughout the afternoon and early evening. If you find yourself up there in the early morning hours, nymphs like Princes, Double Bead Stoneflies, and tactical jigs should do the trick, especially fished in a tight-line style along the bottom. Another fly that is worth having in your box is the Green Weenie. This fly to most looks silly, but it directly imitates an Inchworm that is found throughout Southern Appalachia. Fish look for these Inchworms, as they are a bright colored opportunity for nutrient rich food. Don’t pass up a fly just because of its silly appearance, simplicity is usually a winner!
Warm water fishing on the tailwaters is largely ruled out at the moment due to high flows. However, if you can access the lower stretch of the Holston or French Broad from the forks of the river, you may be pleasantly rewarded with Smallmouth, Carp, or even a Striper. It is also worth fishing around our local lakes which have been a good way to scratch the itch. Bass, Carp, and other warm water species are feeding actively. If you cannot access a boat, don’t pass up this opportunity, as there are many areas to fish our lakes from the bank. Hop on google maps and do some research, but parks, boat ramps, and coves are all good fishing areas. 
Whatever you decide to chase this week, be safe and courtious of others on the water. Swing by the shop or give us a ring if you have any quesitons. We are always happy to help you out. 865-200-5271.