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It looks like we are continuing to dodge the majority of predicted poor weather. I would expect to see split schedules on the Holston and Clinch tailwaters this weekend, allowing for both the wading and boating angler to get out and enjoy our water. The Clinch and Holston have both given up some very impressive trout recently, as evident by this picture of Brett with a large Brown trout he caught on the Clinch this week! resizeimage

This fish ate a size #14 Quasimodo pheasant tail, fished below a yarn indicator on 6x tippet. We continually urge people to fish 6x fluorocarbon on the Clinch, and this is why! On the tailwaters, stick with midges and pheasant tails until the late afternoon hours when you may see a dry fly opportunity reveal itself. Have an assortment of mayfly and caddis patterns at the ready for those picky Holston trout. With so many menu options, sometimes these fish require quite a few fly changes before you figure out what they want. On the Clinch, mayflies seem to be the right fly, but an assortment of midges is always a safe bet as well. If you are in the boat, try showing the fish some different flies. I had a number of Clinch fish pick a girdle bug over a pheasant tail while fishing tandem nymph rigs this week.

Warm water fishing is still moving slow, and we are waiting for the bite to pick up. The French Broad is largely blown out, so focusing on the lower Holston and our many lakes is a safer bet for those in search of carp and smallmouth. You can also try wading some smaller water like the lower little river if you are insistent on finding some Smallmouth.

The GSMNP is in great fishing shape. The bug life in the park is really spectacular right now. Nymphing and fishing dry flies are both productive options. We are starting to reach that time of year when yellow is the key color. Try Neversink Caddis, Yellow Sallies, Tellico nymphs, and other bright attractors. We have a good selection of jig nymphs at the moment that are perfect for nymphing in the park. We prefer to fish a tight-line style with tandem nymphs bumping right along the bottom. When the afternoon hatches start, switch over to dry flies and let the good times roll!

Whatever you decide to chase this weekend, be safe and courteous of others on the water. Let us know if we can help you in any way! Swing by the shop or give us a ring at 865-200-5271.

- Matt