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Godfathers Brown Pic 2It has been a wet and wild few weeks here in East Tennessee and it looks like Mother Nature isn't quite done throwing us a few curve balls. Today's high temperature has come and gone and we are set to dip back into the thirties overnight tonight. Despite the wind, rain, and snow, the fishing has been nothing short of fantastic with good bug activity on all of our tailwaters as well as in the ountains. 

Photo Apr 04 8 39 13 PM previewAfter weeks and weeks of constant generation, TVA turned off the spickets for a brief afternoon window on the Clinch this week. Anglers that were lucky enough to notice the schedule change took to the river in mass. I heard good reports of folks catching fat and healthy slot-sized fish throughout the upper reaches of the Clinch. Although these fish didn’t come easy, as the wind was whipping up and down the river most of the afternoon. The reports were consistent from Millers all the way up to the dam.

File Apr 14 12 05 44 PMHappy Easter everyone! While it looks like we are finally going to get a break with the weather over the holiday weekend it remains to be seen if we will get a break in the water. As I write, Little River is flowing at 600 plus CFS and the Clinch is rolling at 7800. The upside is last night's rain wasn't near as severe as the weather folks initially predicted. The freestone streams, by in large, have already crested and are on their way back down. Warmer temperatures tomorrow and Sunday bode well for some potentially good fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park where we are already seeing some decent hatches of stoneflies, blue quills, and quill gordons. 

The forecast for the Clinch remains high water through the weekend but the Holston has some potential with the predicted outflows being 3000 cfs on both Saturday and Sunday. While there is no telling what that will actually  mean we will get from TVA, perhaps they'll see fit to through us a bone and give a little wadable water sometime during the day. 

The lower end of both the Holston and the French Broad are seeing good numbers of white bass and skip jack shad showing up. And with the Douglas Dam predicted to be off over the weekend you can bet that's likely where you will find me tomorrow at some point in time. The small mouth bass should be in pre-spawn mode so you'll want to search for them in areas in between their typical wintering grounds and their spawning grounds. The mouths of creeks will be a good bet as well once the sun pops up and heats the water up.

Where ever you end up this weekend, be safe and have Blessed day!



Jim Habera1The condition of trout in East Tennessee as revealed by this winter’s electrostudies will be discussed on Thursday, April 12, by biologist Jim Habera at a free, public 7 p.m. meeting of the Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited.

Due to conflict with a special event at our usual meeting place, this meeting will be in the fellowship hall at Norris First Baptist Church, 149 W. Norris

Road, Norris—kittycorner across the intersection from St. Francis Episcopal Church. The Baptist church fellowship hall is a separate building behind the church; please enter from the lower parking lot.

Habera (pictured) has worked since 1998 for Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency; his primary responsibility is Tennessee’s wild trout resources. He graduated from Sullivan East High School in 1980 and holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in wildlife and fisheries science from the University of Tennessee.

If you read the fishing report last week, I mentioned struggling on the Holston in the thick of the shad kill. Now that the kill has tapered off, fish are more active and can be caught using a variety of different techniques. Allen got up there last Friday and found some nice rainbows willing to take small white wooly buggers drifted and twitched in the current.