Matt and Brett's Excellent Adventure Wraps up in D.C.

Matt and myself completed the last leg of our incredible summer experience by visting Washington D.C. this week. Trout Unlimited hosted us at their headquarters in Arlington, Virginia for three days. We had the pleasure of meeting with staff members of our respective state senators as well as key members of the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, and the Bureau of Land Management. We capped the trip off with a fantastic evening at the house of Trout Unlimited's CEO Chris Wood. This was a great opportunity for us to expose the value of our public lands and native trout through our experiences this summer. Here is a short video highlighting some of our favorite experiences this summer. Enjoy! 


Orvis Helios 3 Review

The 3 Rivers Angler crew recently got the opportunity to get our hands on the NEW Orvis Helios 3D and 3F rods. These new sticks will replace the ever popular Helios 2, the most recognized fly rod in the history of the sport. The H3 certainly has some big shoes to fill, and honestly we think that Orvis hit the nail on the head with these. For those of you who don’t know yet, the H3 comes in both a “3D” model and a “3F” model. The D stands for distance, and these rods are great for big game and streamer fishing. Don’t let that sway you from thinking that they don’t perform in close though, as casts at 20-30 are still right on target. If you are headed to the salt, or are looking to throw big streamers this fall, the 8 wt. would make a great addition to the quiver.

The 3F is a finesse model, and it was the favorite among the shop employees. We really enjoyed the 5wt. as it was one of the most accurate rods we have ever cast. We also found it easy to air out casts well into the 60 ft. range and further while still maintaining accuracy.  When we talked to Park, our Orvis rep, we learned that the 8wt. F version has been very popular in the saltwater realm as well, with many permit and bonefish guides opting for it due to its impressive accuracy. We think these models would make excellent trout rods on our technical tailwaters. They would also be good for carp fishing when you need to put a fly in small target area at distance.

Orvis has released the 5wt. and 8wt. models in both the H3 Finesse and H3 Distance, and we will be getting them in the shop as soon as possible, so keep your eye out. Through the fall Orvis plans to release the 6wt. and 7wt. models as well, which we are really excited about for smallmouth fishing. All in all, we really dig the new direction that Orvis seems to be charging in, and these new rods certainly impressed us. If you would like more information on Orvis H3 rods, feel free to swing by the shop or give us a call.